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Structured Data: The REAL Reason Your Old Strategy Doesn’t Work Anymore

Structured Data: The REAL Reason Your Old Strategy Doesn’t Work Anymore

Technology changes at a blistering pace – and when you’re an information giant like Google, you constantly have to find smarter and better ways of managing the Zettabytes (yes that’s a real word for an unimaginably large amount of indexed business data on your servers).

And in case you were wondering why your formerly top-notch SEO strategy just isn’t producing top-notch results anymore :

Google has reinvented the search ranking process. It’s a new era.

Already know what Structured Data is?

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On Why Things Had to Change

Google overwhelmed of websites

It was a mess.

Imagine millions of new websites springing up by the day, with so much new data getting indexed, and highly skilled “SEO gurus” working round the clock to artificially increase these new sites’ search engine rankings.

It was good news for their clients, but bad news for major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why? Because the search engines’ real job of serving organically relevant search results to the public – was getting much, much harder. More importantly, the ‘search ideology’ dreamt up by the “perceived geniuses” at Google about what people really want to see when they type a search query, has changed – fundamentally.



triangleInstead of simply serving up a list of websites that ‘rank highly’ for ‘keywords’ in the search phrase, they figured out that people want real information – ‘data’ that expresses ideas and shows the connections between search terms and other related concepts.

This radical departure from the ‘normal’ concept of a search process essentially transforms a search query into a ‘library card’ that grants the user access to a web of knowledge ( useful, related facts and information) linked to the original search phrase.

Amazing stuff, right? 5

So, following on from this new ideology, the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Yandex) are now in the process of creating a new ‘search architecture’ based on the Revolutionary Ideas of Structured Data, the Semantic Web and The Knowledge Graph. Ideas that your business must incorporate into your existing SEO strategies – to become relevant in ’The New Search Industry’.

Why Structured Data is: ‘The New’ Trust Currency

Search engine relevance is based on perceived ‘trust’.

That is, a search engine is more likely to rank your site highly if it ‘trusts’ your site and its contents.

So, how do you build trust?
You build it by establishing authority.

You become an authority – when you play by the rules – by dishing out unique, useful and SEO-savvy content.
And by acquiring a statistically significant equity in the total “high value properties” ( authoritative content ) within your domain ( subject matter space, or keyword spaces ) – through organic propagation.
In other words – putting a lot of good stuff out there and getting great reactions from people -or hitching a ride with the greats (back-linking, anyone?).

You probably already knew that, but there’s just one little problem: the rules have changed.

So, simply doing what you were doing before won’t get you anywhere.

It’s time for you to be introduced to the new currency of trust. It’s a ‘must have’ time for Structured Data.

Structured data lays the foundation for the search industry of the future: all web properties (websites included) will soon ‘speak a common language’, allowing indexing technologies to link them deeply and extract a dizzying amount of more useful information than is possible today.

tech bckg 2In simple terms, structured data will be used to build the next-generation Internet. It will be the only valid means for your business to establish trust and rank higher, as more and more of today’s Internet is converting to the Semantic Web (the Internet of the future).

To be compliant, you need to redesign and ‘refocus’ the way you create your  web content and organize your web properties (including your websites) using custom or standard web ontologies (OWL) as well as common data formats and semantic web technologies like RDF, SPARQL, RIF/SWRL, Turtle, and Schemas (RDFS), to mention a few. You also need to learn about using JSON-LD and creating ‘Linked Data’ as part of Google’s new Meta Data Language.

While using structured data is not a requirement,
eBay heavily encourages its sellers to adhere to its terms.

As of Q1 2016, 60% of listed items on the marketplace used its structured data rules, according to eBay’s earnings report. This is up from 37% in Q4 2015.

After a disappointing earnings report in the first quarter, eBay announced its intentions to completely revamp its marketplace experience with Structured Data reflecting new user experiences and product categories to draw in shoppers.

Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, we admit it’s fairly technical, but, that’s why we’re here.

» We simplify and manage your transition into structured data to help you become more relevant today and to grow your authority in the future, which isn’t that far away, in fact, it’s already here.

Migrating to Structured Data: How We Can Help

Semantic SEO Solutions logo

» At Semantic SEO Solutions, we’re all about building structured data for the web that produces higher search visibility – and increased business revenue: This is our ‘mantra‘.

» Our services guarantee semantic parity for your assets, as well as ensuring technical and editorial compliance and protection against Google penalties. 

How? – By utilizing tested and trusted Semantic Markup Strategies.

» We always deliver full automation and scalability – so no matter how large your web assets are, we migrate them efficiently and successfully.

your guarantees and our qualifications

Your guarantees and Our qualifications:

» Rockstar PhD Team of Semantic Strategists

» Dynamic RDF Middleware

» Guaranteed Performance Improvement

We have a rock star team of Ph.D. Semantic Strategists coupled with our dynamic RDF middleware that:

» Creates 100% ‘machine readable’ content

» Validates content and brand authority

» Completely indexes your website for structured data

» Improves cross-device performance

» Improves CTR (click-through-rate) performance.

your guarantees and our qualifications

Our services can be applied across all of your web assets – branding, services, products, reviews, locations, offers, organizations and more.

How does your future look with Structured Data?

We want to prove to you how using the right Structured Data MarkUp, keeps you ahead of your competitorsand gives your website the power to do what every business needs to do – increase sales.

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Stay tuned for more exciting and informative content from us!

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