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GROW YOUR FOLLOWING with Structured Content – SEO Pro Nuggets

GROW YOUR FOLLOWING with Structured Content – SEO Pro Nuggets

Nugget #1:

The Importance


Content is king

“Content is king”

or so goes one of the most famous maxims in SEO.

Technique is one thing, but without great, high-quality content, all hope is lost. Literally. Because no one will engage with a "worthless" piece of content - so, regardless of whether it's a web page, blog article, newsletter, press release, infographic or social media post, it has to pack a punch.

There should be a useful, relatable message as a takeaway, and it should be conveyed in a great way that strikes home to all categories of readers. The content should be fresh, engaging and well-distributed (in a variety of formats where necessary) to realize the best impact and have the best effect on your SEO positioning.

Nugget #2:


of it All

Great content is only effective when utilized in the proper manner.

We've just pointed out the "all-important" priority that content takes in the SEO process. But just like any chain is only as strong as its weakest link....


...Great content is only effective when utilized in the proper manner.

There is a structure to it all.

The content meta-structures (being the "hidden" properties of the content that are machine-readable and important to search engines) are critical and should be developed in line with current search engine trends to get the best online visibility.

Everyone knows that Google and other major search engines are always up to new tricks to help improve the search process.

 SEO techniques that worked great 2 years ago don't work as great today, and in fact, could harm your current SEO outlook.

Google evolution up to 2016

Today, the focus is on Structured Data.

Let's talk a bit more about that.


bot destroyed, coder desperate

So, great - you've put together that wonderful blog post, web article, social media post, infographic or video - any human can tell what it is, right? Sure.


But humans aren't the ones in charge of ranking your content and making sure its visible to more and more people - machines (search engines) are. These search engines have "robots" called crawlers whose job is to sift through billions of web documents, identify them, and rank them. The funniest part is that they can't automatically tell what the content is - that key job, that critical assignment, is entirely up to YOU.

That sounds like a huge load on your shoulders, but it's not really - if you know how to apply Semantic Markup to convert your unstructured data to structured data.

You can get started with structured data by checking out the Schema.org reference website.

If it's all too complicated for you, read our distilled expert pages on Structured Data:

Semantic SEO  Structured Data

Nugget #3:

Get recognized,
grow your traffic and get more money in the bank!

many clicks on the website

t's wonderful that we now know just how important great content is in the SEO process - and even more importantly, we have reviewed the critical role structured data plays in magnifying the "power" of your content.

Poorly structured content will result in a "low power" article that won't get that much visibility and even poorer authority and ranking.

A well-structured piece of content (meta-data wise) will be very visible to search engines and will be a "high power" piece that will garner the much needed visibility, authority and ranking.

Applying Structured Data techniques to your content
completely opens it up to search engines ...

... and even human readers - who can then see all the components of your website and go to a specific area without having to lose interest half-way and disengage when browsing unsuccessfully for a particular content page that may be on the site.

Well that was just a round-up of the general importance of content and the specific importance of structured data ("structured content").

Now let's take a look at how you can attract multiple streams of traffic with structured content:

More visibility = more traffic

When you adopt structured content, you make key portions of your website more visible to search users and also allow your sites to be linked effectively to subject matter domains - all of works magic for your online visibility and allows your content to be seen by a larger audience while also boosting traffic to your content pages.

Which means higher clickthroughs (higher CTRs). With effective calls-to-action (CTAs) in place, that means higher conversions and more customers for your business.

CTA and STR increase graph
more traffic = more authority
coder and bot happy with website

Naturally, the more your content gets seen and shared online, the more "authority" it develops. 

Because "authority" is powered by humans but facilitated by machines, you have to make sure your content is also appreciated by humans (by writing great content) and make sure it's also visible to humans and machines alike (by applying structured data). Once your content starts garnering authority, higher ranks will follow naturally over time.

So to sum up, structured content will get you more visibility online, and this will translate to more authority, and more ranks for your content pages.

higher ranks = higher online sales

When you're new to a town, you ask the local folk about the best places to go and things to do. Their feedback pretty much guides your decision-making process about how to get out and about in your new mystery city.

The same thing applies to search online:

When you ask a search engine a question, you instinctively trust its feedback, and because search engines rank "feedback" by authority, you are more likely to be referred to high authority sites.

This means:

If your business becomes a high authority site through the rigorous application of Structured Data and other time-tested and effective SEO techniques, conversion rates will be very high and online sales can only go up and up.

With our 2-step strategy of applying both Semantic Markup and Structured Data to your website, you will experience between 5% to 10% monthly growth in traffic and sales.

Take action now - every second you wait – is hurting your online revenue …

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