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Don’t Mistake Googles Knowledge Graph with the Google Local Panel

Don’t Mistake Googles Knowledge Graph with the Google Local Panel



Google's knowledge graph can become your business's top tool in attracting just the right searchers to the site. Learn how to use it optimally.

There's a lot in the SEO news about Google's knowledge graph recently and confusing the Knowledge Graph with the Google Local Panel is causing a lot of trouble?

Google local panel example
Google Knowledge Graph example

Actually, it's not as complex as the tech gurus are making it out to be. In fact, if you want to learn more about SEO because you want your web content to reach your audience in a more effective way you should invest some time learning more about what the knowledge graph is.

In fact, Forbes describes it as a 'significant feature' in the development of search as we know it.

Don't worry, we're here to make it a little simpler for you.

What exactly is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google logo

Talk about Google's search engine and you would probably describe it as a tool designed to help internet searchers find what they are looking for, with the minimum amount of pain and fewer clicks to arrive at the information searched for.

Google's primary objective has always been and continues to be, organizing information from all over the world and making it accessible easily and quickly.

This description of Knowledge Graph given by Google at launch time in 2012 tells you how it aligns with their objective:


“Instantly get information that's relevant to your query. This is a critical first step towards building the next generation of search, which taps into the collective intelligence of the web and understands the world a bit more like people do”.

Look at it this way, when you type in the name of Muhammad Ali in the Google search box, you not only get page results; you can also see a panel by the side or at the very top that gives you complete and detailed information, such as pictures, or his birth place, as well as his many accomplishments as a professional athlete etc. 

Along with this, you also get a helpful hint about what other folks who searched for Mohammad Ali, also showed interest in. All of this information is coming to you thanks to the knowledge graph.

Muhammad Ali Knowledge graph

In effect, the Google Knowledge Graph is a vast database of information that is accumulated by web crawling, then indexing and organizing (or Graphing) so that it can be retrieved when someone enters a search term.

Google says that it now has more than 3.5 billion facts and these include relationships between about 500 million entities. 

Google Knowledge Graph facts

Why a Knowledge Graph is the future of SEO?

SEO computer

The Knowledge Graph improves Google's ability to give you results that more closely match your intent in carrying out the search. 

This is not just great news for the seeker but also the website owner, because now potential customers are more likely to get the web page in their search results, provided it has content, in the form of structured data which shows Google it is highly relevant to the searcher.

google and wikipedia

Knowledge graph optimization allows Google to better understand that when you talk about the latest 'spring collection' you are, in fact, discussing the latest fashion and not a mechanical component of the seasons. To give an example, it actually helps semantic web search and ensures that your page pops up even if it does not have the exact search term in it. 

One significant point is that Wikipedia is a primary source for the knowledge graph data gathering. So updating and correcting information pertaining to you on Wikipedia is a great first step.

For those keen on optimizing their pages for search engines, revisiting the way they use and design their structured data and meta data is imperative and this needs to be done keeping in mind Google's knowledge graph concepts of how the spider pulls data.

To get your pages into Google's knowledge graph, you will need to have some judicious placement of your structured data in the web content. Adding more, rich, relevant meta data is absolutely essential for web page owners too, if they wish their pages to be easily and quickly accessible to the right searchers.

Why let Google structure your local data, why not do it yourself?

computer search

To begin with, this isn't actually possible.

But good news is, now you DO have control over what kind of information is displayed when someone types in, say, your brand name. This is one of the most important processes to pay special attention to when creating your meta data.

Now, you don't need to leave the online information Google picks up from your site and decides to display alongside the search results.

» You can add structured data markup to your site so that functional or visual elements that YOU choose are displayed instead.

» You can also tweak your Wikipedia pages and make sure the right kind of information is picked up from there to create the most relevant relationships within the knowledge graph.

friends with google

These are all fairly simple ways to optimize your brand's Google knowledge graph, a change that can bring your page closer to thousands more of your potential customers.

It's really pretty simple, if you want to grab the attention of your customers today, YOU HAVE TO SPEAK THE RIGHT 'LANGUAGE' to the tools they are using to find you. 

In this case, the primary tool is the Google search engine, which is now looking for structured data, by aligning your content and your pages to the match the data searches, which streamlines search, you improve your visibility.


If you find tech talk intimidating and complex, and you ignore these developments, you could be undermining your own competitiveness. 

Thankfully, our crack Structured Data Team at Semantic SEO Solutions can help you implement the perfect Knowledge Graph for your business. With a skilled team of semantic strategists, software gurus, marketing pros and SEO experts, we have everything it takes to help your business leverage the full advantage of Google knowledge graphs.

We will help make the changes that can make your pages more visible to the right people, the rich snippets more relevant to the searcher's intent and the probability of click through far higher than before!

Talk to us now to ensure that your business is getting all the advantages of Google's advancing search techniques.

Are you ready to 'future-proof' your SEO strategy for the Semantic Web?

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With our 2-step strategy of applying both Semantic Markup and Structured Data to your website, you will experience between 5% to 10% monthly growth in traffic and sales.

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