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Future Proof any Online Formula

Future Proof any Online Formula

ADD your websites and online content TO Google's new Semantic Web with Structured Data

At Semantic SEO Solutions, we are Structured Data experts. Google, Bing, and other major search engines are building a new Semantic Web that is based on Structured Data - and we can help you get on board!

Have you recently noticed slowing online growth? Other less relevant websites getting ahead of you? That's because your websites and online content have not yet adopted Structured Data in line with Google's recent algorithm updates (ask your SEO team about Google's Caffeine and Hummingbird updates). 

We're happy to get you up to speed with this new and revolutionary concept in content marketing online - so you can boost your online sales and traffic and get your business back on track again.


LOSE your your old SEO techniques: the Web is very different now; you need to adapt and evolve.

'Business as usual' just doesn't work anymore. Old SEO techniques, while not dead in the water, won't work well today without first putting your websites and online content in the proper structure - because search engines now have a different 'methodology' for indexing, linking and ranking content on the Web.

As expected, this can be quite challenging for your business, especially when you think of all the complicated things you need to do to properly structure your data for the Internet of today - but do not fret.

We will help you.  That's one less thing you have to worry about. Our team of semantic strategists, SEO consultants, trainers and software engineers is ready to provide the highest quality structured data markup.

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MULTIPLY your online revenue, traffic, and visibility with Structured Data

When you adopt structured data, Google and the major search engines will index more of your website's and online content, improving your rankings and visibility both in: SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and in the Knowledge Graph (this is a very important addition to Google Search that you should know about - learn more about the Knowledge Graph here: Google’s Knowledge Graph – All you need to know).

This will also allow you to increase traffic to your websites and online assets  as well as grow your online (and not only) revenue by having a more precise target ready to purchase (enhanced click-through rates).

Adopting structured data today is a win-win proposition for your business!


DIVIDE and conquer: Diversify your content strategy to get ahead.

One of the 'old time' truths that hasn't changed - even in the new age of the Semantic Web - is the saying that: "Content is King".
More than ever before, you need richer and better content - and you need to maintain a whole bunch of content formats and channels to be really successful: everything from videos to infographics, blog posts, social media posts, and web content can be marked up for the semantic web using a structured data approach that clearly defines your content to the search engines and tells them how to work with your content to your best advantage.
This will help you build up authority organically, and get you noticed faster by the search engines - and you know what comes next. Yep. First-page search results and a whole lot of visibility, traffic and revenue.

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Start getting results today by using Semantic Markup - get your FREE SEO and perspectives report:

Please allow 7 business days for our specialists to generate your report. You will be notified by email once ready.

To sum up, you need to "do more in a structured way" to get ahead in Google's new search system - and it's an emergency - you need to get started as soon as possible by:



Structured Data elements to your websites and online assets (including videos, social media content, and more)



 Old SEO techniques from your SEO playbook and getting along with the new search engines' methodology.



your online revenue and traffic, and increasing the quality of your visitors - all by applying Structured Data.



your content portfolio to diversify with rich, structured content in multiple channels and with multiple audiences.

Guess what? You don't even need to guess just how much growth you can expect by upgrading your SEO strategy today with this formula - We can show you!

Use our Free Revenue Lift Calculator Now to Estimate Your Business Growth after applying the structured data upgrade. There's no registration or obligation required, and of course, It's FREE!

Who we are:

We are leaders in creating structured data for the Web: Learn more about us!

We realized early on how important structured data is to the evolving Semantic Web, its implications for unstructured data on the Web, and how business’ website rankings, online visibility and online revenues are adversely affected.

So we started helping businesses solve these problems - and we haven't stopped since.

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Here's why should you trust us:

  • Customized solutions: all our solutions are tailor-made for our clients. We don't believe in 'one size fits all' and we provide solutions that are the best for your business and will give you the results you need at the budget you have.
  • World-class Team: we don't play around when it comes to our people: we're proud to be sporting an international team of 'rock stars' that have great ideas, and an even greater passion to get them done.
  • Proven track-record: our satisfied customers will happily testify that we're great at what we do - and that it works!
  • Guaranteed ROI: our methods are scientific, and are proven to generate a suitable level of return on investment at any scale of application.
  • Fully scalable and transparent process: when you work with us, we give you great solutions that match your budget and we never keep you in the dark.
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