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The Semantic WEB 101:

Future Proof
your SEO with



"You're about to be given Semantic Ph.D. 'inside info' on what's needed to 'future proof' your SEO strategy for the'New Search Rules'- and crucially, how to do it today."

The Benefits of Correctly Marked-Up Data

What Becoming Semantic Web Ready Does for Your Business:

Enhanced click-through rates

Fully structured 'machine-readable' data

Full knowledge graph alignment

Improved cross-device performance

Displayed entities in customer searches

Enhanced 'PPC' options (including lower bids)

Solid trust rank

Increased business niche authority

Premier page visibility - and so much more

Table of contents:

#1 The Search Engine Rule Changes

#2 The Sales Power of the Knowledge Graph

#3 Why Your Entities Must Have the Correct Markup to Establish Your Authority

#4 The Many Benefits of Becoming Semantic Web Ready

#5 How can you 'future proof' your business for the Semantic Web?

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Welcome to the Future Internet!

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