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About Us

About Us

Our team is made up of:
  • semantic strategists
  • software engineers
  • marketing professionals
  • search engine optimization specialists
Our depth and breadth of experience draws from very talented individuals with two decades of experience building
  • agile scalable structured data markup
  • building ontologies
  • search engine technology and patents
  • search marketing campaigns
Semantic computing is evolving as a formal academic discipline. It addresses the source of origin for semantic information from content and the connection of semantics to knowledge. In this context “content” may be anything including structured data, video, audio, text, hardware, software, processes, etc. It extends the notion of the Semantic Web, including disciplines such as machine learning, Natural Language Processing, The Internet of Things, Data and Web mining, Ontology Integration, Interoperability and Service Integration.

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20+ years as an investment banker with a passion for marketing, having worked with Barclays, Bank of America, Westinghouse, numerous Caribbean Banks/Investors, Nationwide Power Corp (Solar), Chase Funding, amongst others. Scott’s strength shines in his vision implementation, via team
building and business development support, one step at a time. Scott has an innate ability to find specifically educated and experienced individuals to accomplish projects seemingly impossible.


CTO – Forbes Magazine, Semantical, LLC

Kurt’s a telented writer, editor, information architect, novelist, and ontological architect, specializing in the design,development and deployment of knowledge bases and artificial intelligence solutions for Fortune 100companies and federal agencies.


Tope was educated at King’s College London, and at Jesus College Cambridge.

His backgrounds and expertise are in Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Distributed Computing, Programming and Natural Language Processing, and Semantic Systems.

He is the (co) author of the book “Social Semantic Web Mining” (pub Morgan & Claypool, 2015). He is affiliated with the University of Southampton.


20+ years successfully delivering large volumes of organic traffic, improving conversion rates, weaving in social media marketing strategies, optimizing over 15,000 websites including NASDAQ, Charles Schwab, Overstock, Dressbarn and Reebok to name a few. He has earned a coveted 5-Star Rating in SEO industry-wide studies, his company has been rated among the Top 5 SEO firms in the world.


We provide agile structured data for your website to link your brand, product and/or services with Google, Bing and Yandex. This is accomplished using semantic parity e.g., map and match relevant, indexable website content to the crawlable semantic web of data found in Linked Open Data (LOD) and Linked OpenVocabularies (LOV), Freebase, Wikidata, and any publicly available ontology or vocabulary, all of these constituting what is generically referred to as the “semantic web”.

As semantic strategists, SEO consultants, trainers and software engineers, we bridge the gap between the semantic and search engine communities. Our knowledge of how search engines manage the flow of data on the Web, how search engines work, along with linked data and semantic web, enables us to provide businesses with the highest quality structured data markup.

As a group, we reside at the crossroads of the Semantic Web, eCommerce, SearchEngine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and SemanticTechnologies. Google patents provide some level of transparency into exactly what Google is thinking, planning and doing. Our team of scientists and engineers use the latest technologies and tools to efficiently apply structured data markup to your business model.

Mission Statement

Preface: “As early as the 1980s, significant research appeared in information science literature about the development of expert systems for improving search results.Hundreds of universities, start-up companies, and major corporations have published research and filed patents on various algorithmic techniques for machine- aided searching over three decades (and ear lier when much of this work was classified as artificial intelligence).”

Source: http://www.semanticweb.rs/

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